About Our Organization


The mission of the Grand Prairie Historical Organization (GPHO) is to preserve and share the history of Grand Prairie, Texas, by researching, collecting, properly preserving, and archiving items that tell the history of Grand Prairie and its citizens. The Organization will share the history with others through avenues throughout the city by committed volunteers who will provide a standard of excellence in support of the organization.


The Grand Prairie Historical Organization (GPHO) is a non-profit group working to preserve the history of the city of Grand Prairie, Texas by sharing that history through regular meetings with informative speakers, involvement in the community, participating in events with the city, civic groups, the school district, and by collecting and displaying historical archives in the GPHO Museum.

In Pursuit of This Vision, GPHO will:

  • Search out, collect, catalogue, properly preserve, and exhibit materials related to Grand Prairie, Texas.
  • Provide leadership for the collection, proper documentation, storage, and preservation of the collected historical materials.
  • Stimulate an interest in research, collection, documentation, and preservation of historical materials.
  • Foster an appreciation of the importance of preserving historical materials to enrich the public understanding of the importance that the past has in the future.*
  • Promote a pride in the heritage of both the community and the individuals who built and lived in it.
  • Encourage mutually beneficial relationships and cooperative alliances with educational institutions, city government, the business community, and other community organizations.

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